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Tax Tip of the Week | No. 411 | Ohio Business Gateway Update June 14, 2017

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Tax Tip of the Week | June 14, 2017 | No. 411 | Ohio Business Gateway Update

The following is a recent article from the Ohio Society of CPAs on user improvements when using the Ohio Business Gateway—-

Ohio Business Gateway update: Improved Help & Case Management

The Gateway Modernization Project is not only focused on transforming the way transactions are completed on the Ohio Business Gateway, but also creating new features and functional enhancements to improve the Gateway’s user experience, reliability and efficiency.

One of the features that Gateway users identified as a major pain point was the Gateway’s help and case management functionality. Thus, the modernized Gateway will feature an entirely new help and case management system that will make finding and requesting help on the Gateway simpler.

Gateway users will now be able to request help, be presented with knowledge articles and open an individualized help case from anywhere on the Gateway, at any time.

Automated routing is also a component of the modernized Gateway’s case management system. For example, if a Gateway user opens a help case while completing a Commercial Activity Tax transaction, that help case will be automatically routed to a customer service representative with specific knowledge related to CAT.

Help case status updates will also appear automatically within the modernized Gateway. This will allow Gateway users and customer service representatives to correspond from within the Gateway. The conversation can be tracked and the case status updated accordingly.

Offering new and expanding existing ways to access help resources will decrease the amount of time Gateway users spend on activities not directly related to doing business. A revitalized and expanded case management system puts the Gateway Modernization Project one step closer to fulfilling its mission of making doing business in Ohio easy and efficient by providing e-government services that are simple and secure.

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