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Don’t Be Late — It Can Be Expensive | Tax Tip of the Week | No. 212 August 21, 2013

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Final Filing Deadline Reminder

If you need to file a Form 1065 (partnership return), Form 1120S (S corporation return) or Form 1041 (fiduciary return) the deadline to file your 2012 return is September 16, 2013.  This assumes you had filed for an extension prior to April 15, 2013.If you put your personal tax return on extension (Form 1040), you still have until October 15, 2013 to timely file your 2012 return.As we mentioned a few weeks ago —TTW No. 193 It is Better to Extend vs. Not Filing on Time — putting your tax returns on extension can be a good thing—but penalties to miss any deadline can be steep.At this late date, it would be better to file on-time and then file an amended return later if you don’t have all your information.

Give us a call if you need help meeting your deadlines.

You can contact us in Dayton at 937-436-3133 and in Xenia at 937-372-3504.  Or visit our website.Rick Prewitt – the guy behind TTW…until next week.



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